Where Armenia’s Digital Community Shines

This is where the battle for digital excellence begins. Our nomination categories represent the diverse, cutting-edge work shaping Armenia’s digital landscape. Stay tuned as Stage 2 begins and the participants vying for these prestigious awards are revealed!


Awards nominations

Web sites

  • financial services: banks, insurance and other financial companies
  • advertising agency
  • beauty sector (beauty salons)
  • real estate
  • restaurant
  • for children
  • wineries
  • tourism and recreation sectors
  • the sphere of sports and entertainment (including fitness clubs)
  • social project*
  • spheres of education*
  • communities (on any topic)
  • healthcare

Mobile App

  • financial services: banks, insurance and other financial companies
  • other mobile applications


  • Startup
  • AI solution
  • Data-Driven Solution
  • Civic Tech Project
  • Ed-Tech solution


  • grocery delivery
  • other e-commerce

Digital project

  • digital marketing campaign
  • digital transformation project

Best IT Services Provider


  • digital marketing professional
  • e-commerce professional
  • social media communications professional

Social media page/channel

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Telegram
  • YouTube

E-Learning Service

* no administrative fee