Положение о Конкурсе

Armenia Digital Awards 2024

About the Competition

The competition aims to popularize digital services and identify the best websites, mobile applications, digital advertising campaigns, digital marketing and e-commerce professionals. The winners are selected by public voting and a jury of experts.

Nominations at the time of application submission:

Best Website:

  • Financial services: banks, insurance and other financial companies
  • Advertising agency
  • Beauty industry (beauty salons)
  • Real estate
  • Restaurant
  • Children’s
  • Winery
  • Tourism and recreation
  • Sports and entertainment (including fitness clubs)
  • Social project*
  • Education*
  • Community (on any topic)
  • Medicine and health

Best Mobile App:

  • Financial services: banks, insurance and other financial companies
  • Any other

Best Food Delivery Service:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of the website, mobile application and customer service

Best Online Store:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of the website, mobile application and customer service

Best Company Account on Social Media:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Telegram

Best Digital Advertising Campaign

Best Digital Transformation Project (Implemented)


  • Digital Marketing Professional*
  • E-commerce professional*
  • Social Media Communications Professional*
    • no administrative fee charged

The following can be submitted for placement:

  • Website: link and project description
  • Mobile app: app store links and project description
  • Best Digital Advertising Campaign: presentation, video
  • Best Manager: essay describing achievements and projects

After submitting the application, it is reviewed by the Organizers and if the application is accepted, an invoice is sent to the applicant. Only participants who have paid the organizational fee before the start of voting are allowed to vote (except in cases where payment is not required).

Stages and dates of the competition:

Application acceptanceMarch 1, 2024 – June 30, 2024
Public votingJuly 1, 2024 – August 31, 2024
Jury votingSeptember 1, 2024 – September 10, 2024
Announcement of winnersSeptember 15, 2024


The jury consists of:

  1. Honorary members of the jury: representatives of the digital industry of Armenia and the world, representatives of big business, other persons invited by the organizers of the competition.
  2. Members of ECDMA and Make It Real by Realweb community (meeting the criteria and expressing their desire to participate in the jury)
  3. Industry representatives who have applied on the awards.am website, if they meet the criteria (experience in the digital industry). The decision on including applicants in the jury is made by the organizers. The organizers have the right to refuse to include in the jury without providing comments.

The composition of the jury must be fully formed no later than August 30, 2024. Information about the members of the jury is posted on the website https://awards.am/jury/

Each member of the jury chooses the categories in which he will evaluate the participants, and the categories can also be additionally assigned by the Organizer. A jury member cannot vote in categories where projects of participants affiliated with him are placed.

Rules for determining the winners

Voting is held in categories with at least 5 participants. If there are fewer participants, then categories with a small number of applications will be merged.

In each category, three places will be determined. If several participants have the same score, they take the same place.

Public voting

Visitors to the awards.am website participate in public voting by submitting ratings. Registration with confirmation of the mobile phone number is required to vote. Only owners of mobile phone numbers of the Republic of Armenia (+374) with the possibility of receiving SMS can take part in public voting.

For each category, the Organizers determine the evaluation criteria, according to which the voting will be conducted.

To vote, you need to evaluate each of the criteria.

The rating for each of the criteria is calculated as the mean value with a correction for the standard deviation coefficient. The score is calculated with an accuracy of two decimal places.

The Organizer keeps the technical parameters of each vote, in case there are reasons to suspect unfair voting (cheating), it reserves the right to conduct a technical investigation with the involvement of jury members and if the cheating is confirmed, the jury will decide on the cancellation of such votes.

Jury voting:

The members of the jury vote according to the same criteria as the public voting for the categories they are assigned to.

The jury rating is the average of all jury votes.

Final grade:

The final score is the average between the public voting rating and the jury’s rating.

In exceptional cases, the Organizer may decide to allocate additional prizes, such as “Audience Award” or “Jury’s Choice”.


  • Certificates indicating the prize place on paper and in NFT format.
  • The prize fund can be supplemented with valuable prizes from sponsors and the Organizer.

Announcement of Winners:

  • Winners must be determined no later than September 15, 2024.
  • The deadline for announcing the winners may be different depending on the decision to hold a formal awards ceremony.

Competition Organizer:

  • E-commerce and Digital Marketing Association (ecdma.org)
  • The association was founded in 2023 by Eugene Mishchenko and a group of representatives of the e-commerce and digital marketing market from different countries.
  • As of February 25, 2024, the association has about 500 members.
  • The aim of the association is to unite specialists in the digital industries for training, networking and developing professional standards.
  • Legally: LLC “A5000”, TIN 02860241

Contact Information:

Supported by the Make It Real by Realweb community.

  • The Make It Real digital marketing community was organized by Realweb in Armenia for marketers to share experiences.